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Welcome to BlackKat Herbs Ritual Pages.  Follow the navigation links at the top to go to incense, spell kits, feng shui and tarot cards.

Incense and Smudge


Herbs, Oils, and Resins blended into a loose style incense
 to be used with self-igniting charcoal tablets
1 oz. Glass Vial   $8.00
 (charcoal sold separately

APHRODITE - Invoke a romantic atmosphere 

POWER - To infuse your Rituals with additional Power
ASTARTE - For love, beauty, pleasure and creativity

PSYCHIC POWER - To enhance your Psychic Powers
ASTRAL To invoke the astral/psychic plane
PROPHETIC DREAM Burn at bedtime to stimulate the Psychic Mind to produce Future-Revealing Dreams 
ASTROLOGICAL - Please specify Sign desired in the comment box at the end of the shopping cart  
PROSPERITY Burn to attract wealth 
BANISHING To be rid of negative influences
PROTECTION Use for Physical and Psychic protection while visualizing
FAST LUCK Quick results
SACRED PIPENature Rituals and work with Power Animals 
HEALING To speed healing while visualizing
SCRYING Burn small amount prior to scrying in a crystal, fire, etc. 
ISIS For Women’s Rites, Full Moon, High Magick  
SHAMAN To pay homage & serve as a link with Shamanic Wisdom 
KYPHI Ancient Egyptian Temple incense
SUCCESS For Success in all undertakings
LOVE To attract love, strengthen the love you have 
TEMPLEBurn in Temple or “Magic Room” to increase Spirituality
UNCROSSING To release unwanted influences from your life; Known and Unknown
MERLIN Divination, tarot, Rituals for knowledge 
VESTA Goddess of the Hearth
MONEY DRAW Draws wealth and money
WITCHES Winter Sabbats, deep Meditation
MOON MAGIC Burn for Divination, Love and Harmony 
MYSTIC For Spells, Protections and Rituals

quick ignite charcoal QUICK IGNITING CHARCOALS For burning incense and herbs. These easy-to-use coals  are most economical when broken into 4 or 5 pieces

10 pack - $3.00
Burners and Ritual Incense

Spiritual Quest finest Pyramid Incense burner

$ 32.00

Censer on Stem Incense Burner
Incense & Burner
5" Censer on Stem Brass Incense Burner
"Aladdin' burner
winter solsticeincense Winter Solstice Vial of Incense 

RITUAL INCENSE Burn in celebration of the Ancient Festivals       1 oz. Glass Vial   $8.00   Your Choice of  Yule  (Winter Solstice),  Beltane (May Day),  Summer Solstice,  Dark of the Moon, Imbolc (Candlemas),  Lammas (Lughnassadh),  Mabon (Autumn Equinox) , Full Moon, Ostara (Spring Equinox), and Samhain (Hallowmas) 

SACRED SMUDGING INCENSE   $2.50 per packet  Pure Natural Native American herbs, packaged in  1/2 oz. bags with instructions.  Your choice of Sage & Cedar,  Sage, Cedar & Sweetgrass, Cedar & Lavender , Sage, Cedar & Copal, California Sweetgrass, Mayan Copal  





baby smudgeBaby Smudge Wands (3") pkg of 12 

Abalone Shell with White Sage      


Baby Smudge Set (small shell/white sage)


Mini-Smudge Set w/abalone shell   


Smudge Shell (Lion's Paw w/sage)


Smudge Fan w/Pheasant Tail, 13" 5 feather, leather wrapped wood handle


Smudge Shell, Abalone with 6" Mt Shasta SageStick


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