About Sandi

About Sandi Wakefield, Owner

BlackKat Herbal Sandi Wakefield home in TNSandi is an experienced herbalist and homeopath. Sandi and her family call the woods and hills of Tennessee home. A large variety of native medicinal plants thrive in this area lending itself to several years of classroom study for Sandi.

Sandi finds a satisfying balance between time in the herb garden and time on her computer.

For the animal lovers among us Sandi has provided an extensive collection devoted to animal health and nutritional needs. As the owner of a tribe of cats that benefit from her homeopathic and healing abilities, it is not unusual for friends to call at any hour with a "worried cat mother call". The kind-hearted healer in Sandi is always willing to assist with a remedy, or healing suggestion. The advice is practical, no nonsense, and frequently based upon dietary needs.

Sandi's wealth of knowledge and well-versed experience makes her an invaluable asset to anyone interested in alternative healing methods.